Approved by the RD establishing professional attributions to nautical qualifications

Professional Attributions for recreational yachting titles.

The Royal Decree (RD) on qualifications attached to the nautical qualifications has been approved giving professional attributions to the recreational titles and the safety measures in the use of nautical motorcycles are updated. The RD which establishes qualifications attached to the nautical qualifications for the government of recreational craft and updates the safety measures in the use of nautical bikes. These provisions enter into force on July 1 and the RD regulates some attributions to provide remunerated services by Skippers of recreational Craft, Yacht Skippers and Yacht captains.

Recreational titles will have professional powers and will be able to work with them.

From 1 July, they will be able To carry out:

  • Transportation of supplies to recreational craft, always carried out by other recreational craft.
  • Mooring, anchorage or displacement of recreational craft in ports or marinas.
  • Sea Tests in recreational boats and nautical motorcycles.
  • Government of boats destined to lifeguard in beaches.
  • Recreational boat transfers whenever sailing takes place less than five miles off the coast.

In Addition to all the above attributions, both Yacht Skippers and Yacht captains will be able to perform tourist excursions and recreational fishing practice.

In Order to qualify for the indicated qualifications, the nautical graduates must carry out the Basic Safety Training course for seafarers of the DGMM, in addition to having those complementary attributions of each recreational nautical title.

Once This course has been obtained, the graduates will be entitled to develop the activities indicated with the following limitations:

  • The graduates shall have a limitation of up to five miles from the port or marina from which the benefit is performed to carry out the aforementioned activities.
  • In no case can be transferred to more than 6 people, no more passengers or cargo than indicated on each boat.

Updating of safety measures in the use of water bikes:

The objective is to update and homogenize the requirements for the commercial exploitation activities of jet skis, such as rental by hours or fraction in circuits, excursions with monitor or the particular rental of jet skis.
The new wording seeks to solve the doubts of interpretation that existed until now by the Administration and operators of this nautical activity. In the same way, the government of jet skis will be allowed through the navigation license, and some modifications are introduced with respect to the RD 875/2014, of 10 of October, by which regulate the nautical qualifications for the government of the boats of Recreation

(Source: ANEN)

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