Putting the cane but not the fishing!

In our eagerness to continually improve our sailboat, this time we will tell you how we have repaired the rudder rod (we have been going out with respect, since the original cane was quite deteriorated). As I said, the original cane was very deteriorated, so it was impossible to navigate with it, because all we would do is damage it more until we get to break it. As sailed with a bar of iron curb rather ugly, we decided to put point and end repairing the original to leave it as new (or even better:D).

As you can see, the cane, formed by wooden sheets, was totally detached, fruit of the years and the damage of leaving it uncovered, exposed to the sun and inclement weather. Therefore, the first step was, of course, to separate the sheets and sanearlas, and then glue them with glue.

We made the gluing in 3 parts, gluing first all the thickness and then some more sheets, letting dry one day for each phase. So that all the reeds of the cane are firmly firm. We also used to paint the piece of iron with glossy black paint.

When we had the cane fully glued, we started the sanding-varnishing process, which also consists of 3 phases with one day drying in order to get the best grip and the best resistance.

When we finished it was quite beautiful, too, so we thought it could not deteriorate again that way and we came to make a case, with a challenge of a bimini that we had given. We took the measure of the cane, and cut the cloth. The good and we put a few pots in order to tie it wrapping the cane. This will never happen again!

And finally, once concluded, we could see how it was put and changed by the ugly bar that we had, we will return to keep as a rod of respect even if we hope we do not have to reuse!

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