Sea and Air

On September 16th, 2017 we were at the Rota Air Festival on the occasion of the centenary of Naval Aviation.

We left port at 12:30h Rota, looking forward to see the exhibition, remembering the years before that had been done in Cadiz and, since a few years ago is no longer done. We were accompanied by a magnificent wind to go straight to Rota. At first we did not see much, a couple of helicopters flying over an aircraft carrier and a large agglomeration of boats in the distance. Soon after, the Eagle Patrol went out in formation.

About 14:30 The exhibition ended, and we decided to set a course for the port of Rota to sting something. After lunch we rested a while on the boat, under the attentive and intimidating look of a seagull that was there.

Despite his insistence, we could not give him anything… So we let loose moorings with intent to hit a good afternoon sail. The wind and temperature accompanied, so we left Rota direction Chipiona, chasing another sailboat that we knew and came from Sancti Petri, to see if managed to reach him despite being quite far away what if we reach? No! But for little, we had approached and we had it already a mile away, when by the hour we had to turn around not to arrive very late to port, especially considering that we had spoiled the light of navigation of ProA and not to take us the night…

It is worth mentioning that the next day we had intended to go sailing, but before we went out we set out to fix the bow light for which we had to do the whole new wiring installation, and since we were with the job chip put we put new the end of the Anchor, the halyard of the major that was a little damaged by the rubbing with the crossings, we changed the radar reflector, we cleaned rust and reviewed several things, so in the end we were sooo late and we had to stay ashore… That's too bad!

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